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Global Citizenship As A Growth ModelGenesis Worldwide Enterprises believes that multi-national companies have a responsibility to leverage their resources both for clients and in the interests of the greater good. In recent years, we have taken this belief beyond the usual commitment to corporate causes and fund raising (although we do that, too!). Instead, we have committed ourselves as a successful company to the development of a novel growth model that applies our expertise and core capabilities to positive global initiatives.

This commitment continues to evolve, taking many forms on a daily and long-term basis.

For example, we are consciously reducing our corporate carbon footprint through:

• Fine-tuned integration of all SCM logistics
• Installation of a state-of-the-art solar power system at our U.S. corporate headquarters
• New product development programs focused on on alternative energy, specifically in commercial applications

Additionally, Genesis is expanding its company-owned brand of custom, large print keyboards into robust assistive technology solutions that address emerging needs for new computer and electronic aides for education and special populations.

Is Green A Realistic Dream?Is Green A Realistic Dream?

Green Business Growth Strategies on a Global Scale
Can demand driven supply chains be both efficient and green? Genesis is working on new models to incorporate energy saving strategies into its supply chain modeling. We believe strongly that flexible, responsive supply networks and sensitivity to environmental issues are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Genesis Worldwide is finding that new solutions to help the environment can be directly supportive of greater cost efficiencies.

Innovative Alternative Energy Supply Chains:
Genesis has taken its Green Growth Strategy in a new, important direction with the development of a new Alternative Energy Supply Chain Initiative. This effort will address key questions in meeting world demand for alternative energy products in the future, including:

• How can efficient SCM support developing and delivering cost effective alternative energy products?
• Has solar technology truly reached commodity status? How is SCM integral to that process?
• Where will the commercial and consumer markets find SCM partners to realize the opportunity of this emerging market?

Genesis Worldwide is currently developing realistic, market-based SCM solutions to address these and other important questions as the world shifts to new energy products for the future.

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