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Best Fit Sourcing Assessment Image Product/Manufacturer "Best Fit" Sourcing Assessments. In the successful production of high quality products to mass consumer markets, one size simply does NOT fit all. Genesis Worldwide has developed strong relationships with established, first quality manufacturers of all sizes and capacities whose proven reliability and QC measures meet our own stringent standards. Our diverse network of execution experts includes manufacturing specialists in consumer products, computer accessories, electronics and assistive technologies. Each provides specific strengths and capabilities that help us determine a "best fit" for our clients and their OEM goals.
Speed To Market Image of truck on the road "Speed to Market" Competitive Evaluation. Timing may not be everything, but in today's competitive marketplace timing can be THE critical factor. At Genesis Worldwide, we use an extensive capabilities checklist to determine which designers, manufacturers and shipping methods can support aggressive schedules that will help our OEM partners reach their markets in record time. Correlating market intelligence with its insider knowledge of response times for each link in the supply chain, Genesis creates realistic production and delivery models that support rapid turnaround of new products or trend-sensitive line extensions.
QA Inspection at Chinese Factory Image Stringent Manufacturing Site QA. No single effort to control quality is as effective as on-site review. Genesis handles this time- and labor-intensive effort with a highly trained team of experts in China and the U.S. As Genesis employees, our QA experts function as the quality gatekeepers for all stakeholders, maintaining complete audit trails and persistent measurement against internal standards and competitive lines. New models of quality trending that follow product life cycles from prototype to delivery enable Genesis to maintain a highly visible, collaborative effort for each project, ensuring value and speed to market.
Tactical Logistics Image of Container Ship   Value-added Tactical Logistics. Delivering quality products, on-time, may be an obvious goal for OEM supply partners, but modern, effective supply chain management is hardly a simplistic effort. At Genesis Worldwide, new supply chain considerations, including correlation of initial product and packaging design with inventory,  transportation and warehousing issues, are combined with increasingly sophisticated technologies and complex metrics create true value-added tactics for effective logistics. The result is supply chain excellence that resonates at every level.
24-hour CRM Image   Responsive, 24-hour CRM. While automation of many aspects of the product life cycle can speed workflow and data management, Genesis has found that effective management of our client relationships lies with direct, open communications and true accessibility to our senior management staff at all times. We don't just communicate with our clients and partners, we collaborate at all levels, in all time zones on a 24/7 basis in order to manage issues, expedite solutions and improve value as a proven model for effective, long-term customer relationships.
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