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From Prototype to Target Market
Every technology transfer success is the culmination of an exceptional partnership.  Talent, creativity and vision merge with experience and market know-how to create a “home run” for all partners – and the public.

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Genesis has more than 20 years experience in consumer audio and computer accessories, electronics, and assistive technologies with specialization in injection molded housings.
Your Best Partner To Achieve Technology Transfer Success:
GWEI intense production and costing analysis
GWEI realistic market assessment
GWEI complete supply chain modeling and management
GWEI transparent production lifecycle monitoring
Your technology transfer program is the foundation for these kinds of positive synergies, which we believe are the key drivers to sustainable economic growth through new products, especially those applicable to broad market niches or mass market users. But many new products, regardless of their unique qualities and innate value to the public, never make it to market.   And the reason is simple:  Successful transfer to commercial markets requires proven, economically viable manufacturing and supply chain models.
Five Critical Steps To Tech Transfer Device Success
Click the graphic to see the Five Critical Steps To Tech Transfer Device Success
We can help.
For more than 20 years, Genesis Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. has been successfully sourcing and supplying millions of consumer products.  We’re an American company with an international mentality, active in manufacturing and product delivery on five continents.   Our particular expertise lies in consumer audio and computer accessories, educational aids, and assistive technologies with specialization in injection molded housings.

Sustainable growth is simple:  Production and delivery of a new product must produce a return on investment.  This reality is often the tripping point for entrepreneurs and developers with innovative concepts who are not partnered with experienced technology transfer specialists on the scaled production and manufacturing sides.

Your technology transfer programs are all about inventing the future. Genesis is all about delivering it. Let us help you bring your products to market. Contact Us today or click here to request a proposal.

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