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Innovative Informatics. Valued Partnerships. Smart People.

Genesis Worldwide has developed a fully networked system of multi-sited personnel, integrated informatics technology and key partnerships to create global supply chain strategies that increase your margins with improved efficiencies. By applying current SCM theory to our progressive business model, Genesis has adapted smart technologies that deliver specific data to track the accurate real-time status of each project. This allows monitoring and quality control throughout the entire SCM process involving manufacturers, suppliers, shippers, distributors and customers.

But our people - working as an integrated, genuinely committed team - are the true differentiators between Genesis and other SCMs.

Through our offices in the U.S. and China, our multi-national professionals develop and implement fully integrated SCM, each program tailored to the specific goals of our clients. Smart, personalized service models, combined with rapidly adaptive solutions based on changing conditions, allow cost benefits to emerge at multiple points along the supply chain, providing our clients with highly competitive results.

"Over the years, we found the Genesis team to be extremely responsive and agile in helping us manage our inventory and delivery schedules, especially during periods when market fluctuations call for quick adjustments in order to better match supply with demand."

- Sr. Product Manager
"Top 5" Consumer Electronics Company

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