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Supply Chain Management can become a meaningless term without a thorough understanding and respect for each part of the process. The coordination of a successful SCM project requires vigilance, creativity and commitment at every link in the chain. At Genesis, no detail in the full process is overlooked or undervalued.
Product Design Image Product Design
New products - whether original concepts or inspired line extensions - are the foundation of sustainable growth for every company. But effective translation of concept to prototype to well-engineered, high margin products requires engineering brilliance tempered with profound market insight. At Genesis Worldwide, our internal resources and external networks provide seamless product development as the important first step to market success. This process includes:

  • Functional Analysis
  • Competitive Review
  • Market Positioning Analysis
  • Concept Prototyping
  • Customized SCM Modeling
  • End-To-End Cost Analysis
In short, Genesis Worldwide is where concept becomes reality.
Sourcing Image

Brilliant ideas and innovative new products can easily be lost in translation from design to execution. The essence of successful OEM strategy lies in the identification of the best-fit source to produce the product with efficient, consistent quality. At Genesis, we accomplish this goal through:

  • More than 50 years of combined sourcing experience and relationship building
  • Intense annual supplier review to determine capabilities and capacities
  • Logistical analysis to assure optimum speed-to-market
  • Constant review and development of new sourcing partners to expand options
In short, our best-fit solutions make Genesis Worldwide your source for the future.

For OEMS and their supply chain partners, the greatest challenge may be achieving end-product excellence while improving margins through effective lean manufacturing methodology. To achieve these goals, Genesis is constantly re-evaluating and adjusting best-practice manufacturing models that help us monitor processes and quality with each of our factory partners. This approach requires:

  • Unique understanding of client objectives and requirements
  • Integrated planning and manufacturing partner oversight
  • QA benchmarking from tooling through finishing and packagings
  • Application of production roadmaps and assessment metrics to measure quality, process and efficiencies
  • Open, multi-level communications channels
In short, Genesis guarantees manufacturing excellence for its OEM clients.
Logistics Lean manufacturing has become an overstated catch-all term for the real need to find new ways to achieve efficiency and improved margins in supply chain management. The true specifics involved in lean processes agility, cost and supply management, and meaningful informatics are part of the logistical mix that must be interpreted and managed creatively, with strong attention to customized models in order to deliver optimum results. For our clients, Genesis Worldwide develops streamlined logistics models that:
  • Provide integrated, real-time data management
  • Eliminate non-value-adding actions at key points in the supply chain
  • Automatically monitor and review container options and transportation methods to generate more efficient, cost-effective delivery solutions with each new order
  • Analyze new technologies for pull inventory management that can help OEM partners lower inventory while minimizing shortages, optimizing replenishment and enhance their competitive position.
In short, at Genesis Worldwide, we deliver logistical excellence.
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