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Where Sourcing Meets the Future
For global markets at every level, from local channels to technology-driven virtual emporiums, the future is now.
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Genesis Initiatives Genesis Initiatives
Value and Flexibility Are Keys to Sustainable Growth At Genesis
True to its origins, Genesis Worldwide has responded to the current marketplace with a progressive eye to value and customer need by asking:

• How will companies meet the challenges of identifying and supplying compelling products for an evolving economy?
• What kinds of products will be best suited to environmentally and socially sensitive markets?
• What value can we bring not only to the market, but to the process of delivering relevant goods?

Alternative Energy InitiativeGenesis has already begun to answer these important questions by developing new product lines and sustainability initiatives that will supply our clients and their customers with designed to improve the quality of life while meeting the realities of the cost of living. From supply chain models for solar energy products to new creative strategic partnerships to deliver assistive technologies and other alternative energy solutions, Genesis intends to meet the demands of future markets with value, integrity and intelligence.

Alternative Energy Initiative
In the past two years, Genesis Worldwide has moved from early adoption of solar generating systems for its internal plant operations to an evolving corporate growth model focused on creating new supply chain solutions for emerging products in the alternative energy sector. Spearheaded by GWEI CEO Bob Flynn, the program is developing crucial SCM models for identifying, sourcing, manufacturing and distributing valid, cost-effective product lines that can supply global mass markets. Currently expanding upon opportunities in solar energy, biofuels and efficient energy storage solutions, GWEI will be dedicating additional development resources in coming months to a public initiative to create alliances between global sourcing partners and government agencies for wider availability and distribution of key, mass market alternative energy solutions within the next 10 years. Contact Us for more information...

Assistive TechnologyAssistive Technology

Helping challenged individuals live more fulfilled, integrated and independent lives through specialized technology has been a Genesis passion for more than five years. Beginning with the company's acquisition of the Key Connection in 2005, Genesis continues to be an OEM partner in the development and supply of specialty and large print keyboards for several leading assistive technology (AT) companies. New AT products for the visually impaired are currently under development, with additional research and development of OEM solutions for both industry and personal applications. Contact Us for more information...
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